Scam alert! Cuba begins privatizing medical care, bills to be paid by Cubans abroad

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You saw this coming, right? Not the privatization aspect of the story, but the dollar aspect. As Cubans in the diaspora and Cuban Yo-Yos continue to flood the island with their dollars through remittances, online stores, and gift-laden trips to the island, Castro, Inc. is preparing to open another floodgate for more dollars.

Yes, the diaspora is now going to start paying for the medical care their relatives on the island receive. It’s the same concept as the online dollar stores. So much for Castro, Inc.’s universally praised “free” medical care, which the Ministry of Truth has always used as the prime excuse for its draconian totalitarian repression of the Cuban people.

Incredible. And even more incredible is the fact that no one outside the island is going to blink an eye, so to speak. Yes, no one is going to care that this is the most blatant admission that Castro, Inc.’s “free” medical care has ALVWAYS been a awful and a total sham.

Get ready for some heartwarming stories in El Niuyortain and other news outlets in which this new pay-as-you-go medical system funded by the diaspora is portrayed as something beautiful and praiseworthy.

In a related story, Castro, Inc. announced yesterday that it was sending 61 additional slave doctors to Mexico and a smaller contingent to earthquake-ravaged areas of Turkey and Syria. Ka-ching!

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Curious things are happening in Cuba. They have just granted authorization to a MSME (TaTamania) for doctors, nurses and therapists to set up a private business for elderly care. Nor has Havana reacted hostilely to the announcement of a private business (Horus Intellicare Solutions) to provide telemedicine services in Cuban territory from the US, where the diaspora will pay for the medical care of their family and friends on the island.

What is the reason for the silent tolerance of these facts while new and stricter measures are being prepared against the access abroad of doctors and nurses from the public health system?

The think tank Cuba Siglo 21 had warned last month that the GAESA oligarchs in Cuba are inclined to copy the economic system of the Russian mafia state. Unfortunately, this prognosis was already validated by the official Russian-Cuban announcement that Cuba would proceed to a general reform of its economic system under the advice and supervision of Moscow. Although this is worrying, what was happening with the Cuban health system was already cause for concern, before this announcement was made.

According to official figures, in Cuba the number of hospitals decreased between 2008 and 2021 by 32%. However, investments in luxury hotels have surpassed for years those made in the public health sector by billions of dollars. In just five years, from 2017 to 2021, public health and social assistance received 1.29% of the investments while “business services, real estate and rental activities” were benefited with 50.48% of the total investments. investments. It is no coincidence that the lousy maintenance of hygiene in hospitals annually causes infections and deaths, the most recent being ten newborns in a maternity hospital.

What exists today in Cuba is something new and worse than communism. Call it a mafia State, criminal State, mafiocracy, autocratic kleptocracy or whatever you prefer, the new Cuban State has not the slightest intention of providing the population with health and education in exchange for taking away their political and civil liberties. They continue to take them without guaranteeing anything else.

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2 thoughts on “Scam alert! Cuba begins privatizing medical care, bills to be paid by Cubans abroad”

  1. Castro, Inc. is bound to extract every dollar it can from the “diaspora,” since there appears to be no end to its tolerance of exploitation. The Castro people have no shame and no scruples, and the “diaspora” is practically begging to be fleeced. It’s pointless to blame the Castronoids, who are only being what they are.

  2. The drug is communist ideology.

    The Cuban government is the drug dealer.

    Cuba is the addict.

    The Cuban Diaspora is the enabler.

    The enabler loves and tries to help the addict.

    The enabler enriches the drug dealer.

    The enabler extends the suffering of the addict.

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