Nicaraguan dictatorship frees 222 political prisoners, sends them to U.S.A.

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From our Bureau of Latrine American Clones with some assistance from our newly created Obamapalooza 2.0 Bureau

As Jar-Jar Biden prepares to reward Castro, Inc. with Obamapalooza 2.0 –probably with help from Papa Che — Cuba’s colony of Nicaragua has just exiled over 200 of its political prisoners, including a high number of clergy and lay religious leaders.

This is yet another indication that the skids are being greased for the launch of a major love fest between the U.S. and Castro, Inc. and that the Vatican is probably heavily involved in that greasing. Nicaragua has been more blatant in its persecution of clergy than Castro, Inc., but Cuba’s record of religious persecution has worsened over the past year.

Given Papa Che’s penchant for making leftist dictatorships look benign, and given that he would naturally press for the freeing of imprisoned Catholic priests anywhere, there’s some chance he might be bundling Castro, Inc. and Nicaragua as a package deal for the upcoming Obamapalooza 2.0.

And, since Nicaragua is a clone of Castro, Inc., just like Venenozuela, the freeing and exiling of dissidents in Nicaragua could be a preview of what is about to happen in Cuba. Sending prisoners directly into exile is a move invented by Castro, Inc. long ago. One of its most spectacular mass deportations occurred in 2010, with the assistance of the late Cardinal Jaime Ortega.

From Christian Solidarity Worldwide

The Nicaraguan government announced that 222 prisoners had been removed from prison and put on flights to the United States on the morning of 9 February. Family members of the deported political prisoners were reportedly not informed in advance of the move. Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega subsequently declared that all 222 of those released are no longer Nicaraguans and have been stripped of their citizenship. 

According to an official list released by the government, included in the group were Father Ramiro Tijerino, Father Sadiel Eugarrios, Father Raúl González, Father José Luis Díaz, seminarians Darvin Leiva and Melkin Sequeira, and cameraman Sergio Cárdenas, who were detained in August 2022 after Nicaraguan security forces stormed the Diocese of Matagalpa curia where the seven men had been forcibly confined along with Bishop Rolando Álvarez Lagos and four others for 15 days. The men (featured image) had been found guilty of conspiracy against the state in January 2023 and were awaiting sentencing.  

Bishop Álvarez Lagos was not among those listed by the government and CSW received reports that he had refused to leave Nicaragua, despite pressure on him by the government to do so. President Ortega later announced that the bishop has been transferred from house arrest to La Modelo Tipitapa prison.  

Two other priests, Father Oscar Danilo Benavidez Dávila and Father Enrique Martínez Gamboa were listed among the deported prisoners. Father Oscar Danilo Benavidez Dávila was found guilty of the crimes of conspiracy, undermining national integrity, and the propagation of fake news on 16 January and was sentenced to a cumulative eight years in prison. Father Martínez Gamboa was violently detained on 13 October 2022, accused of damaging the integrity of the nation and propagation of fake news. and has been held since then in El Chipote Prison.  

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2 thoughts on “Nicaraguan dictatorship frees 222 political prisoners, sends them to U.S.A.”

  1. Cuba looks rather worse now than it did when Obama “normalized” it, so there is greater need for cosmetics to justify Thaw 2.0. Freeing 11J prisoners, even if only to exile them, will more than satisfy the minimal exigencies of the usual suspects, and the exigencies of “those people” are irrelevant as always.

    Biden is bound to enlist the Vatican in the business, as the precedent was set by Obama and Bergoglio is only too willing to do his number again, not to mention that Biden is nominally Catholic. “His Holiness” alluded to behind-the-scenes “talks” between Havana and Biden’s people, to which he was no doubt privy, in the same interview in which he told the world about his “human relationship” with Castro II.

    Thus, I expect we are looking at un pan amasado which will be unveiled soon enough.

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