Cuban dictator’s daughter Mariela Castro on lecture tour in Italy

From our Bureau of Booger Princesses with some assistance from our Bureau of Phony Sexologists and Dangerously Hypocritical Human Rights Advocates

One of the few successful ventures of Cuba’s so-called “Revolution” is the creation of fake identities for members of its ruling class. Fidel was a fake Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces; Raul is a fake four-star general; Trucutú Diaz-Canel is a fake president; Raul’s daughter Mariela is a fake sexologist.; and so on…

And to top it off, the dictatorship holds fake elections to a fake parliament.

Ahhhh, but the world loves this charade. Mariela Castro — La Princesa de los Mocos — will be on a speaking tour of Italy over the next two weeks, posing as some kind of expert. The fact that she has received multiple invitations to parade herself on stage at universities and other institutions is proof positive of Castro, Inc.’s success in fooling the world, or giving it hollow and hideous idols to venerate.

Mariela will be speaking about human rights (yes, no joke), the “blockade” and Castrogonia’s new Family Code, which has legalized same-sex unions. Cubans in Italy are being urged to stage “acts of repudiation” at all of Mariela’s events..

Whole story HERE in Spanish, from Cubanos Por El Mundo:

“We will speak with her about human rights, the Family Code, and Cuba’s blockade

2 thoughts on “Cuban dictator’s daughter Mariela Castro on lecture tour in Italy”

  1. Useful idiots certainly exist, and the world is full of stupid people (as Einstein observed), but that alone does not explain this sort of thing, especially this late in the game. In other words, it’s worse than mere stupidity.

    Still, one cannot blame Castro, Inc. for taking maximum advantage of the situation. Why wouldn’t it?

    Mariela, of course, is married to an Italian man, which no doubt helps her make the rounds in Italy. We should also remember that it was an Italian radical leftist publisher, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, who first mass-marketed and made famous the “iconic” Korda photo of “Che” shortly after the latter’s death.

  2. Once again the “triumph” of the Cuban Robolucion is on display, with the seedling of death and misery spreading more lies in Italy. It was a matter of communist policy, by the Bearded One, to torture and execute homosexuals, see UMAP concentration camps. Will Mariela excise the tumors of this abhorrent history while in Italy? Probably not, but will most likely consume excesses of chocolate stracciatella gelato while claiming to champion human rights where none exist.

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