Cuba’s state-run airline forced to cancel flights over ‘technical issues,’ has no cash for refunds

Communist consumer protection: Cubans who were left stranded after Cubana de Aviacion canceled their flights over purported technical issues will not be getting a refund because the airline simply has no cash.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

‘There’s no money for refunds’: Cubana de Aviacion refuses to issue refunds for canceled flights

State-run airline Cubana de Aviacion informed its customers affected by the cancelation of flights between Havana and Nueva Gerona that there is no money to issue them refunds for the tickets they paid for in advance.

A message posted outside the Cubana de Aviacion ticket offices at the Rafael Cabrera Airport in Nuevo Gerona on the Isle of Youth states: “There is no money for refunds,” as seen in photos posted by journalist Mario J. Penton.

It was learned a few days ago that the ATR aircraft, which carries 72 passengers and flies the aforementioned route, will be indefinitely out of service because of “technical issues.” At the same time, however, passengers on those flights were told they would be “contacted by local sales representatives from Cubana de Aviacion for the application of procedures established for these situations.”

Nevertheless, the offices run by Rafael Fuentes Suero, the director of the airport, is now refusing to refund the money. It appears they are only offering passengers a future seat once flights on that route are reestablished.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba’s state-run airline forced to cancel flights over ‘technical issues,’ has no cash for refunds”

  1. They forgot to add that customers should contact their “diaspora” relatives for assistance, and if they have no such relatives, then they need to suck it up and blame the “blockade.”

    Actually, it should be even simpler. The sign should just say “The revolution does not pay its debts, small or large, ever. Ask anybody. Have a nice day.”

  2. Cubana de Aviacion has a LONG history of not paying victims of their ineptitude, see the 1998 Quito disaster. This should come as no surprise. Cubana is an awful airline run by awful communist apparatchiks.

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