Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Cuba’s sock puppet first lady sports $7,500 Hermes purse in Mexico

While Cubans are suffering through food shortages, medicine shortages, a housing crisis, and chronic blackouts, the wife of the communist Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president is stepping out in style. In photos from a recent state visit to Mexico by Miguel Diaz-Canel, his wife Lis Cuesta was spotted with a Hermes Kelly handbag that can go from $7,500 to way above $20,000.

This fashion statement by the communist first lady stands in stark contrast to the life of poverty, misery, and oppression the Cuban people are forced to live in. Cubans spend their days standing in line for rationed food, which often runs out before many of them can get a morsel. Residential buildings are in disrepair and collapsing, the pharmacies are empty, and blackouts that last for hours have become an almost daily occurrence. But that didn’t stop Cuesta from buying and proudly displaying a purse that is worth several times the annual average salary in Cuba.

This contrast is actually a perfect illustration of how socialism works. The people are forced to live as paupers, while the leaders live a life of luxury and splendor. It is indeed the lifestyles of the rich and communist.

4 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Cuba’s sock puppet first lady sports $7,500 Hermes purse in Mexico”

  1. Oh, but it was, like, a gift or something. The “revolution” would never spend thousand$ on a purse for her. Besides, it would be pointless–no matter what she wears, it makes no real difference.

    And why is AMLO apparently bowing to D-C and the wife?

  2. Reminded me of the residence for the Cuban Ambassador to Argentina, who lives in a million $ home in an upscale neighborhood of Buenos Aires. There is nothing worse than a Cuban communist, who lives a life of privilege in a society forced into decay and despair.

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