Sometimes they say really, really, really stupid things (praise for Cuba from U.K.)

Nutritious lunch provided for Cuban schoolchildren

From our Bureau of Monumentally Moronic Statements with some assistance from our Bureau of Easy-to-Fool European Comemierdas

Bloody stupid. After paying a visit to Castrogonia that was hosted by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth, some twit from the U.K. returned to her prosperous nation thinking that Cuba’s educational system is “excellent” and that the free meals they provide for children are wonderful.

Lord have mercy.

Excellent education provided for Cuban children

From Yahoo News

Last October, I went to Cuba to exchange educational experiences. All in education have free school meals. This ensures children don’t go hungry. School meals impact positively with little or no truancy. Educational progress is high, despite economic constraints.

As a significantly richer country, why can’t we achieve something similar? It’s not just an aspiration.

We need hundreds of MPs to back the Bill providing all primary pupils with a free school meal. It has its second reading on March 24. Please sign Ask your MP to support the free school meals for All Bill.

We need free school meals automatically for all primary pupils.

Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Cuba do this and have excellent education systems. Why can’t we?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes they say really, really, really stupid things (praise for Cuba from U.K.)”

  1. Well, it depends on how he sees Cubans relative to how he sees his own people. That could easily explain everything, but yes, he may be a hopeless useful idiot.

    This is analogous to much of the free world’s undying infatuation with Cuba’s “free” health care, which is third-world care or non-care for ordinary Cubans, but it’s still held up like some sort of magic talisman that compensates for a miserably dystopian society.

  2. Unlike Sweden, Finland and Estonia, Cuba is a dictatorship with desperate and oppressed people who suffer “food insecurity”. Since the “triumph” of the Robolucion, Cuba has become a food desert, where even “wild” game like stray cats and rabid dogs are hard to find.

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