Cubans in Italy organizing protests against Mariela Castro’s lecture tour

From our Bureau of Reverse Acts of Repudiation with some assistance from our Bureau of Booger Princesses

The Booger Princess might encounter some resistance to her propaganda lecture tour in Italy. Very nice ironic reversal: the daughter of King Raul will be subjected to acts of repudiation, a type of demonstration with which Cubans are very familiar.

The Booger Princess will be speaking at some major institutions such as the University of Turin. This propaganda tour is sponsored by The National Association for Friendship Between Italy and Cuba.

Let’s hope that Italian police don’t squelch these demonstrations.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

A group of Cubans living in Italy have called for peaceful demonstrations against the presence of Mariela Castro in Italy.

The peaceful protest has been called based on announcements on social networks and will be in Rome on February 21 at six in the afternoon, in addition, the call will be attended by Cubans and Venezuelans who reject the dictatorship of their countries.

“Venezuela and Cuba, demonstration against the presence of Mariela Castro,” says one of the calls on the social network Facebook.

The director of the pro-Castro National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex), Mariela Castro, will arrive in Italy from the second week of February, to give talks and conferences in various Italian cities where she intends to spread her communist message throughout the world.

Raúl Castro’s daughter would be in Rome on February 21, that same day the demonstration against her is planned, and which, in turn, reaffirms the contempt of Cubans towards Castroism on the island.

The representative of the Cuban dictatorship will make around six visits to different cities in Italy, to carry her message and her communist indoctrination.

Cubans residing in Italy will also carry out the demonstrations in all the cities where Mariela Castro will be present, including: Milan, Genoa, Torino, Firenze, Rome and Pescara.

4 thoughts on “Cubans in Italy organizing protests against Mariela Castro’s lecture tour”

  1. It is really incredible that any reputable, serious entity would give such a person a forum, given that she is not just a member of Cuba’s totalitarian ruling class but the daughter of its dictator. There can be no question whatsoever as to what side she’s on or whose interests she’s pursuing. Utterly contemptible.

    And by the way, Mariela is the embodiment of the term brazen, but Lord knows she’s had abundant encouragement to be that way. Of course, the tendency is innate, but it’s been enabled big time.

  2. Note that blocco does not mean embargo but “blockade,” and anyone who uses that term is immediately and highly suspect of being a Castro regime sympathizer and/or enabler.

  3. Mariela can’t be blamed for the way she is. She’s protecting her family’s interests worth billions. She comes from the de facto Cuban royal family founded by her psychopathic uncle and Heaven knows, she inherited her f**ked up genes from her equally psychopathic father and her evil, enabling mother. It’s sort of like being not only Clyde, but, also, Bonnie’s child. Or if you want a more contemporary example, the Texas Chain Saw Massacre family. How screwed up is that?

    • She’s going to protect her interests, as in the family business. The real problem is those who play along with her game, even though it couldn’t be more obvious what her game is about.

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