Harassed Cuban dissident and former political prisoner sews mouth shut in protest

Unable to stop the constant harassment and oppression by police and State Security, Josiel Guia Piloto, a former Amnesty-declared prisoner of conscience, has sewn his mouth shut.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

On Monday, Cuban former political prisoner Josel Guia Piloto sewed his mouth shut in protest over the police harassment he suffers while under siege in his home and the threats he receives from State Security agents.

“Josiel Guia Piloto, a member of the Republican Party of Cuba, a former political prisoner and a prisoner of conscience declared by Amnesty International, has been under siege by State Security agents and police at his home in Old Havana,” said Vladimir Calderon, a Cuban activist and dissident on social media.

In August 2019, Amnesty International listed Guia Piloto as a “prisoner of conscience” of the Cuban regime. Cuban activists confirm that while in prison, he held hunger strikes and was the victim of beatings.


Guia Piloto “has been threatened by the G2 [State Security] several times, and recently was forced to go to a police station to sign papers even though he has served his politically-motivated prison sentence of nearly two years,” said Calderon.

Furthermore, he said that “in a response of protest against the constant threats he receives from State Security, today [Guia Piloto] has sewn his mouth shut and is determined to start a hunger strike until the threats and harassment against him by the Castro-Canel machine of oppression cease.”

These are the extreme measures Cubans must take to protest the brutal oppression of the communist Castro dictatorship in the hopes that the international community will finally pay attention. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim, but Cuba’s courageous dissidents refuse to give up.