Cuban dictatorship oppressors now living in the U.S. identified by human rights group

Many of these thugs in the service of the communist Castro regime likely thought they could come to the U.S., live and work among the very people they oppressed, and no one would ever find out. They were wrong.

Nora Gamez Torres reports via

Miami group publishes names of alleged human-rights violators in Cuba now living in the U.S.

A human-rights group in Miami says it has identified at least 20 Cubans accused of taking part in crackdowns on protesters, harassing dissidents or collaborating with the government’s state security who recently arrived in the United States during the latest exodus from the island.

The group includes police and Interior Ministry officers, two government prosecutors, officials in charge of the controversial government medical missions abroad, a university professor, a state media reporter and several alleged informants or collaborators of the Cuban government’s state security.

The names and photos of these Cubans were made public during a press conference on Thursday by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba in Miami.

Among those named is Lyomaris Vara Fuentes, the prosecutor in the trial of Karina Galvez, an economist and member of the opposition group Convivencia who was sentenced to three years for the group’s political activities. Also included are two former police officers and sector chiefs in Corralillo, in the central province of Las Villas, and San Nicolás de Bari, in Mayabeque province.

“Not a week went by in which someone did not denounce people who were repressors in Cuba and who, according to them, are now here,” said former Martinoticias journalist Rolando Cartaya, who compiled the list along with security expert and blog editor Luis Dominguez.

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