Elián González promises his voting in Cuba’s fake parliament will be guided by Fidel Castro

Sacred socialist pedophilia

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Get ready to hear all sorts of Castrobabble from Elián González. The boy kidnapped by Fidel Castro (with the blessing and assistance of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno) is about get a seat in Castrogonia’s fake parliament, where he will be “voting” to approve every piece of legislation written by the oligarchs of Castro, Inc.

Naturally, the Ministry of Truth has honed in on Elián, soliciting his opinion and publishing his inspirational and robotic Castrobabble. Yesterday he was quoted as saying that his voting will be personally directed by Fidel’s spirit. Apparently — much like Jesus Christ said to his disciples (Matthew 28:20) — Fidel has said to Elián “I willl be with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

If the Ministry of Truth does indeed begin to publish inspirational statements from Elián, historians in the future will have a treasure trove of religious sentiments to examine. The boy’s worship of Fidel is so unconditional and ecstatic that it makes the devotion of devout monks and nuns look shallow in comparison.

Lord have mercy. The poor boy seems possessed. He needs one of those voodoo cleansing rituals that Cubans call un despojo.

The new psychic medium who will channel Fidel in the National Assembly

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Elián González Brotons, “the rafter boy” for whose return to Cuba the regime launched an overwhelming media campaign 20 years ago, assured that when he attends the sessions of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), he will feel very close to the late Fidel Castro .

The young communist offered this statement to the official Juventud Rebelde outlet with more than a month to go before the “elections” of the ANPP deputies, scheduled for Sunday, March 26, are held in Cuba.

His words are new evidence that the members of the National Assembly for the X Legislature are already defined, regardless of the vote of the Cubans, since the number of seats coincides exactly with the number of candidates.

“I know that the training that I have, the support and admiration that I enjoy from the people of Cuba, including this responsibility, I owe to Fidel, who gave me a responsibility to the people, because after having mobilized the people for my return to the Homeland and my family, so the responsibility was mine not to disappoint the people, so I owe this in part to him,” said González Brotons, whose candidacy for the ANPP for the Cárdenas municipality, in Matanzas, was revealed to beginning of this month.

Our commander will always have a seat and a place in our National Assembly and in our country. If I am elected deputy, when I am sitting in Parliament sessions, I will feel very close to Fidel,” he said as if there was the least possibility of not occupying one of the 470 seats that the ANPP will have.

Every time I’m going to make a decision, that I’m going to approach the people to report to them or listen to their problems, to attend to their concerns, I know that I will always have Fidel’s hand on my shoulder,” he added.

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2 thoughts on “Elián González promises his voting in Cuba’s fake parliament will be guided by Fidel Castro”

  1. He was certainly brainwashed, and the Castronoids have never left him alone since he returned to Cuba, and never will, but one wonders if he really believes the hardcore propaganda drivel he robotically recites. It’s so over the top that it’s not only embarrassing but creepy, as in overkill.

    He must know he cannot afford to disengage from the “revolution,” and that remaining fanatically militant, or sounding like it, guarantees him a privileged life. In other words, it is conceivable he could be playing the part expected of him because he figures he must and/or because he’s using the system like it uses him.

    But yes, all that may be wishful thinking. He may indeed be irreparably fucked up mentally, especially if his mind was never more than ordinary or even below average. Lord knows he got the super deluxe brainwash.

  2. Needless to say, to this day Vil Clinton has never regretted what he did, since he would only have done so if the matter had cost him sufficiently. To him any moral consideration was moot, as in irrelevant, and it was just a political issue (though no doubt his vanity was also involved). Reno was basically his creature, and enough of a weirdo (and boy did she look it) that she may have believed she was doing the right thing.

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