Rush Limbaugh stood for freedom in Cuba

Like many of you, I was shocked to hear about Rush Limbaugh’s death two years this week. By coincidence, I tuned in just as his wife told us the sad news.

Back in the fall of 1990, I was working on several projects down in Ciudad Juarez on the other side of the border from El Paso, Texas. My work required me to fly to El Paso on Monday morning and spend a couple of days in Ciudad Juarez. My plane from Dallas landed around 10:45 local time and then I rented a car for the drive across the border.

A few minutes after 11 am, Rush would come on and I loved the show. It was so different from anything on the radio those days. Later, I found Rush on Dallas radio and I’ve been listening ever since. Rush’s success was because he was genuine and believed what he was saying. And he loved the US and what it stood for.

How much do we miss Rush every day talking about politics and everything else? I miss him a lot. By the way, I can still remember Rush blasting President Obama for shaking hands with Raul Castro. Or supporting President Trump’s reversal of his policies toward the Castro regime.

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1 thought on “Rush Limbaugh stood for freedom in Cuba”

  1. I miss Rush terribly every day, His cheerfulness, his good humor and his clear intelligence helped my morale.
    I am so sad that he was taken from us. There will never be another like him.

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