Mariela Castro cancels appearance in Milan, flees city as Cuban exiles launch peaceful protests

From our Bureau of Frightened Booger Princesses with some assistance from our Bureau of Catastrophic Speaking Tours by Daughters of Blood-Stained Latrine American Dictators

Ha! This is way too funny. Princess Mariela’s Italian speaking tour got off to a disastrous start in Milan yesterday. Confronted with the prospect of facing some Cuban exiles at the entrance to her speaking venue (see video above), and made aware of the fact that only eight Italians had showed up to hear her speak about human rights, the Booger Princess cancelled her appearance and fled the city in a hurry, citing the effects of jet-lag as an excuse. Yes, she actually said she was simply too exhausted to launch her speaking tour..

Go HERE to Cubanos Por El Mundo, and let Otaola tell you the whole story in his inimitable way. Hilarious video, includes footage from Milan. (in Spanish). Cuban exiles in Europe are planning to stalk Mariela throughout her entire speaking tour. Let’s see what happens at her next stop, Turin, and all the others that follow. What happened at Milan suggests the possibility that she will cancel the whole tour.

Oh, by the way, Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth has said nothing about this disaster, and continues to advertise her speaking tour as follows: “Cuban congresswoman begins lecture series in Italy.” Congresswoman. Yeah. Sure. Just like her father is a four-star general. Our journalistic ethic here at Babalu forbids us from linking our readers to any Ministry of Truth website. But if you don’t believe us, just Google, “Mariela Castro Milan,” see for yourself.

And for more on those exiles who are stalking Mariela go HERE and HERE (in Spanish). It seems the Anglophone news media isn’t interested in this story.

2 thoughts on “Mariela Castro cancels appearance in Milan, flees city as Cuban exiles launch peaceful protests”

  1. Milan is a big deal, so this does not bode well. No doubt she knows what happened in London during the recent trial for, uh, payment issues, and how that Lourdes person was heckled. She may have been spooked.

  2. However, the real point of this trip may not be some stupid conferences in which there’s no great interest, but to confab with “His Holiness” in Rome as Daddy’s very special envoy and go over Thaw 2.0.

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