Pope Francis and Cuban bishops express solidarity with clergy expelled from Nicaragua

Amistad profunda

From our Bureau of Socialist Church/State Relations with some assistance from our Bureau of Anomalous Gestures by Leftist Popes

Cuba’s bishops dared to comment on the persecution being endured by Nicaraguan dissidents and clergy who were recently expelled from their country. Will this bring the wrath of Castro, Inc. down on their heads?

Probably not. They are only echoing the sentiments of Papa Che, who said last week that the expulsions from Nicaragua had caused him “no small amount of pain,” and that he was praying “for those expelled and for all those who suffer in that beloved country.” Why Papa Che has dared to side with the Nicaraguan dissidents remains a mystery. Normally, he always sides with repressive leftist dictatorships rather than with their victims.

Amistad profunda

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Catholic Bishops of Cuba recalled the words of Pope Francis on the most recent events that occurred in Nicaragua and asked Cubans to pray “for that Church and people who suffer.”

“To the Blessed Virgin, so loved by Nicaraguans and Cubans, we beg her intercession so that our peoples can walk along paths of peace and respectful acceptance of all,” reads the statement from the Cuban Catholic Church.

The bishops alluded to the words of the Pope, who said at the Angelus last Sunday that he was praying for the Bishop of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, sentenced to 26 years in prison, and for the 222 exiled by the Nicaraguan regime.

From here, the Cuban bishops said they felt “deeply united with the Bishops and all the faithful of the Church of God in Nicaragua” and welcomed the Pope’s invitation to prayer.

The religious will especially remember the persecuted Nicaraguan politicians during “the masses and sacrifices that we will offer next Ash Wednesday (February 22) and also during the exercise of the Via Crucis that we usually do on Fridays of the holy season of Lent.”

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  1. Ortega and the Witch of Managua are so graphically gross that even leftists can oppose them–sort of like Harvey Weinstein. Besides, Nicaragua is very small change, not Venezuela. And it looks “balanced.”

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