Young Cuban woman held in prison for over a month simply for saying she would protest

Cuban State Security has held a young Cuban woman in prison for nearly 40 days for expressing her willingness to take to the streets of Cuba to protest for freedom.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

After proclaiming she would take to the streets in protest, Sulmira Martinez Perez, a young Cuban woman of 21 known on social media as Salem Cuba, has been held at the Villa Marista prison located at State Security headquarters in Havana for nearly 40 days.

The young woman can face charges of “propaganda against the constitutional order,” said her mother, Norma Perez, in an interview with YouTuber Marcel Valdes.

Furthermore, Perez says Cuban State Security officials threatened her daughter during interrogations and accused her of receiving money from abroad.

“The attorney tells me it’s a very difficult case, that he’s going to try and see if they lessen the charges because that crime carries a prison sentence of four to 10 years. He’s going to try to have them sentence her to less,” said the woman, who doesn’t understand how her daughter is being treated like a delinquent simply for expressing herself.

In communist Cuba, just saying you will protest or even thinking of challenging the dictatorship is grounds for arrest and prison. This is how socialism works. This is socialism in action.

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  1. Oh, but this is just preventive medicine. Yes, she’s a person of color, but like Biden said about any such person who wouldn’t vote for him, she “ain’t black.” Please stop running irrelevant stories; nobody cares.

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