Cuban priest: ‘Cuba is sinking, we’re living in a sinking ship’

The words of Father Alberto Reyes are a refreshing change from the many years when a feckless and complicit Catholic Church in Cuba was led by an archbishop who routinely fed his flock to the communist wolves.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Father Alberto Reyes: Cuba is sinking, we live on a sinking ship

“We’re living on a sinking ship,” said Father Alberto Reyes, one of the voices of the island’s Catholic Church most critical of the dictatorship. The comment was part of an essay about “the challenges of being a priest in Cuba” published on social media.

According to the priest who works in the town of Esmeralda in the province of Camagüey, “the social-political model may last for years, but only as a parasitic organism intent on sucking everything it can from the island before irretrievably dying because it has nothing to offer, neither for the present nor the future of the people.”

“Cuba is sinking,” says Reyes, because it’s “governed by a spirit of total indifference to the suffering of the people and social stagnation.” In these conditions, ‘”its structures are breaking down in an environment of survival, of a migratory stampede, and of saving yourself however you can.”

The priest says that “this is the environment where new generations are being brought up, those who will end up emigrating and those who will stay on the island. But even with the children who leave and those who stay, they will all grow up to one day take the reins of this world, to place the responsibility of guiding history on their shoulders, both personal and of those who have placed their confidence in them.”

Although “educating a child is always a challenge,” the religious leader opines that “at this moment in Cuban history, the challenge is not only heroic, but is vital like never before.”

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  1. With the slow march of time, the ones in charge today will pass on. The young will then assume responsibility for leading Cuba. History has shown that nations that fall to such depths as Cuba has reached become easy prey for other nations. They either disappear completely or at best become slaves to other nations.

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