Mariela in Italy: Cuba’s Booger Princess spouts Castro-babble in meeting with mayor of Florence

Principessa delle Caccole a Palazzo Vecchio con i politici fiorentini

From our expert on Italian politics, Virgilio Mezzatesta

At least two of the English-language websites of Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth have provided the world with a glowing review of Princess Mariela’s Italian Castrobabble tour.

As expected, la Principessa delle Caccole (Booger Princess) blamed all of Castrogonia’s woes on the U.S. “blockade”, boasted about all the “progress” brought about by “the Revolution,” and portrayed the Cuban dictatorship as a world leader in human rights.

Italian journalist Paolo Manzo described Princess Mariela’s visit as follows:

“The presence of Mariela Castro in Italy is an unprecedented mockery. The daughter of dictator Raúl Castro intends to recycle once again propaganda about a one-party political system, which pursues freedom of expression and which currently has 1,157 political prisoners. Coming to talk about “family” in Italy when coming from a country where thousands of families have been destroyed as victims of exodus and political persecution, coming to talk about the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community as a representative of a regime criticized for having created military support units to production (UMAP), concentration camps where homosexuals were interned and sentenced to forced labour, is a paradox”.

In Rome, the princess spoke at the Waldensian University, where she attracted a sizeable audience. See photo above. This is not too surprising. The Waldensian Church has a long history of close relations with Italy’s Communist Party.

Our professional ethics here at Babalu prevent us from linking you to the Castro, Inc. websites, but here is part of the propaganda spewed by one of them.

Cuban lawmaker Mariela Castro Espin met on Monday with Florence Mayor Dario Nardella and other local authorities to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

Also present at the meeting with Castro Espin, who is the director of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education of Cuba (CENESEX), were Communal Council President Luca Milani, Councilor Dmitrij Palagi, and the delegate for international relations at the Mayor’s Office of Florence, Cristiano Maggipinto.

The Cuban legislator referred with specific examples, to the serious impact of the economic, commercial, and financial war by the United States against her country, which extends to the communication and cultural sectors and is the main obstacle to Cuba’s development in all spheres.

Among the topics under discussion was a possible visit by a delegation from the Mayor’s Office to Cuba, headed by Nardella, with the participation of the scientific business community of Florence, to appreciate Cuba’s potential and business opportunities in sectors of science and health care, among others.

At the meeting, which was also attended by Marco Fantechi, secretary of the Florence section of the Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association (ANAIC), Castro Espin stressed that despite Washington’s criminal policy, which violates the human rights of an entire people, Cuba continues to make progress.

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  1. This all predictable and depressingly familiar, but it remains deeply disgraceful, particularly official representatives of Florence (!) soiling themselves with such fetid BS from a debased third-world shithole. Evidently, they respect neither themselves nor Florence. One can imagine what Dante would think of it.

  2. That photo in Florence is very meaningful, because it illustrates how easily evil can be taken or accepted for what it claims to be, which is ALWAYS a lie, and how readily “good” people collaborate with and enable it.

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