Surprise! Leeches and other parasites found in Cuba’s drinking water

Extra protein for noble savages

From our Bureau of Surprises That Can Ruin Dream Holidays with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Filtration Systems

Tourists, beware! Don’t drink the tap water in Castrogonia. You might be in for some surprises.

As Castro, Inc.’s public water systems collapse and Cubans face water shortages, an additional surprise awaits those who do manage to get any water out of their taps. Go HERE to see how vigorously these surprises can wiggle.

Socialism in action! Next thing you know, some general in Castrogonia’s military junta will be telling the Cuban people that whatever slithers in their drinking water is nutritious and should be swallowed. Extra protein, or something like that .

But don’t expect anyone at Castro, Inc. to warn apartheid tourists about the wiggly creatures in the drinking water.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Through social networks, a video circulates in which a Cuban denounces that leeches are coming out of the drinking water pipes.

In the images the worm appears in a container with water, while the woman explained that this is not the first time this has happened.

“Once again, coming out of the water pipe, leech parasites. In the drinking water from Padilla’s pipes,” the Cuban asserted in her complaint.

He also commented that the authorities have already collected a sample of the vital liquid with worms, however, he does not know where they took the sample.

“This parasite, if it stays in the liver, can kill a person and it is coming out through the water pipe,” added the complainant.

This situation reveals that the regime is not giving proper treatment to drinking water for the service of the population.

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