Shortage of hearses in Cuba creates chaos, additional grief at funerals

Socialist transportation for the dead in Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Transportation For The Dead with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Hereafters

Add this shortage to the list. Yet another crucial service that Castro, Inc. has totally screwed up during its 64-year-long reign of terror-Inducing incompetence.

As it turns out, the dead in Cuba can’t escape shortages any less than the living. While they’re alive, Cubans have no taxis, buses, or other means of transportation. Why should it be any different when they die? They either have to wait for days to be ferried to their graves, or they have to be hauled there ignominiously in carts that are as “rustic” as the vessels in which Cubans try to escape the island. One might say that the dead in Castrogonia are no different from the trash that never gets hauled away due to lack of garbage trucks.

Aaaah, the joys of socialism. Florida governor Ron DeSantis has said that his state is “where woke goes to die.” Castrogonia, in contrast, is where wokeness is conceived, bred, and exported. Come to think of it, woke thinking is the only thing Cuba can export successfully. And, sadly, Cuba is a prime example of the ultimate results of wokeness.

Socialist transportation for the living in Cuba

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The province of Las Tunas, in eastern Cuba, is one of the most affected by the shortage of hearses that is plaguing the island.

According to a note shared by the official newspaper Periódico 26, spokesperson for the regime in that Cuban territory, of the 13 cars they had for transporting the deceased, only four are in operation.

They are not even located in the head of Las Tunas, but are located in the municipalities of Colombia and Jobabo, so they must travel to the capital when their services are required, which incurs a fuel expense that the local government cannot afford.

In an interview offered to the communist newspaper by Raúl Ernesto Martínez, deputy director of Hygiene and Necrology of the province, the official assured that this situation “makes him lose sleep”, while claiming to understand “the anger” of the population that does not stop to call and complain about the untenable situation.

“The fundamental cause of the low technical availability of the cars is the lack of tires and electrical components, mainly batteries,” was the justification issued by Martínez, who added that an “alliance” between various local “organizations” is being considered to vehicle renewal.

Among the main causes of the “breakdowns” of vehicles, the poor condition of public roads and highways, the lack of road courtesy before funeral processions, breakages due to the negligence of technicians and drivers, as well as “the general lack of of fuel, spare parts and modern vehicles that affects the Island”, confirms the note from the official newspaper.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. Very simple: if the living get as little as they do from the “revolution,” the dead might as well be house trash. The regime doesn’t even begin to care about this situation, which it does not see as any kind of concern.

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