Female political prisoners in Cuba being held without water, little food

Ladies in White Tania Echevarría, Saylí Navarro, and Sissi Abascal

What social justice and equity looks like in communist Cuba: Three members of Cuba’s Ladies in White serving prison sentences for opposition to the Castro dictatorship are forced to go without potable water and with little food.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Political prisoners denounce having to go without water and little food at a prison in Matanzas

Ladies in White and political prisoners Sissi Abascal, Tania Echevarria, and Sayli Navarro have gone more than a week without potable water and with only half the food at the La Bellotex prison in Matanzas.

“At the La Bellotex prison, as of Saturday, I spoke with Sissi, there’s no water, it’s been more than a week since political prisoners Sayli Navarro, Tania Echevarria Mendez, and Sissi Abascal have had to carry in their own water,” said activist and the mother of Abascal, Annia Zamora, in a statement published by Radio Television Martí.

Furthermore, Zamora says Abascal, who is ill, and her fellow prisoners have had their food rations in prison reduced by half.

“Our imprisoned women shouldn’t be in that place, and also shouldn’t be dealing with having their food reduced by 50% and now with no water. They have to go down three flights of stairs to carry buckets of water back up. Imagine, having to climb stairs while carrying those buckets!” she lamented.

“Besides, they’re only allowed two buckets up there. Then they need water for the bath, to wash, to clean, they don’t have anything. They have to carry it from the first floor to the third, up the stairs,” she added.

This isn’t the first time the Ladies in White have had to deal with this situation. Abascal’s mother said that her daughter slipped while carrying water and received a wound in her leg that became infected during the last time the prison went without water.

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  1. The headline should read: “Cuban Government Tortures Ladies in Prison”. The ladies committed no crime. That is the bottom line. Nothing else needs to be explained. Stop the torture. Release the women.

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