Plague Update: Tuberculosis outbreak in Cuba’s most notorious prison

The lovely Combinado del Este prison, Havana

From our Bureau of Plague Control in Caribbean Socialist Hellholes

Add another plague to the list. This one is affecting prisoners, so Castro, Inc. will probably ignore it. But those who work at the Combinado del Este prison go in and out, back and forth from their homes. They could be vectors for this plague.

In most of the civilized world, tuberculosis was wiped out long ago. In the “medical powerhouse” of Castrogonia, it’s alive and kicking.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

An outbreak of tuberculosis is endangering the lives of many people in the Combinado del Este prison, including political prisoners who did nothing wrong to have to be locked up there.

The information was provided by the activist Marcel Valdés on his social networks, which was confirmed by Luis Armando Cruz Aguilera, a young political prisoner of 11J who is inside the prison.

“Outbreak of tuberculosis in the Combinado del Este prison. At the end of last week I received a call from a political prisoner confirming this news, several relatives of political prisoners also agree and the political prisoner, Luis Armando Cruz Aguilera, sent a message to his mother confirming it,” Valdés wrote in the publication.

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  1. The regime couldn’t care less about this if it tried. Totally irrelevant and inconsequential.

    And by the way, a major state-of-the-art TB sanatorium was built under Batista at Topes de Collantes, but of course that doesn’t count, because it was not “revolutionary.”

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