Cuban plague of the day: Blood-sucking insects invade schools, hospitals, prisons

From our Bureau of Socialist Plague Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Hygiene

Cuba is being assailed by so many plagues that it seems only correct to inaugurate a new category of title for our posts on the subject. So, beginning today, whenever necessary, we will feature a “Cuban plague of the day” post.

Today’s plague involves “chinches,” the nasty blood-suckers commonly known as “bedbugs” in English. With no pesticides, no medications, and no hygiene, these pesky disease-carriers have invaded Santiago de Cuba.

Castro, Inc.’s “medical powerhouse” continues to prove its might to the world. Utopian Castrogonia, envy of the world.

Ouch !

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

An invasion of bloodsucking insects known as “bedbugs” has taken over the educational, health and penitentiary centers of the province of Santiago de Cuba, according to recent reports.

The news has been confirmed by the independent media 14ymedio, whose source assured them that the plague is mainly affecting “the Tamara Bunke North Maternity and South Children’s hospitals, traditionally known as Colonia Española, and the 28 de Septiembre and Camilo Torres community polyclinics Restrepo”, confirms the newspaper.

However, the invasion of these undesirable insects also reaches several educational centers and has been reported in the “Rafael María Mendive and Altamira Basic Secondary Schools”, as well as “in the Mar Verde prison”.

Although they did not issue any official statement acknowledging the alarming situation, the Provincial Health Directorate of Santiago de Cuba revealed last Sunday that an “exchange” was taking place with parents and educators from the Sonrisas al Mundo children’s circle, where they discussed ” hygienic and sanitary measures in the fight against dengue and bedbugs, as well as to avoid accidents”.

Parallel to this, pharmacies are out of supplies throughout the Santiago territory, something extensive to the rest of the country, so there is nothing with which to try to combat the plague.

Bed bugs feed primarily on human and other animal blood while they are alive. To hide, they use small holes in houses, or in places like beds and seats, where they feel particularly “comfortable.”

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  1. I will say it before asombra does. Savages are used to such things. They are not bothered by bug bites.

    Consider communism a warm up to hell – where you will learn to enjoy the pain. But it IS a VERY slow process.

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