Sen. Ted Cruz: Iranian warships docking in Brazil a ‘direct threat’ to the U.S.

What happens when Latin American countries elect socialist presidents? You get the enemies of America and freedom docking their warships in our hemisphere and posing a direct threat to our national security.

Vanessa Vallejo reports in Americano Media:

“Is a Direct Threat to The Safety and Security of Americans”, Ted Cruz on Iranian Warships in Brazilian Port

“The Biden administration is obligated to impose relevant sanctions and reevaluate Brazil’s cooperation with U.S. antiterrorism efforts”

Two Iranian warships are in the port of Rio de Janeiro. The government of the socialist Lula da Silva gave them permission to dock on its coast. President Biden has not said anything about it, although he recently met with the Brazilian president. However, voices such as that of Senator Ted Cruz warn about the grave danger of allowing this type of Iranian presence in Latin America.

“The docking of Iranian warships in Brazil is a dangerous development and a direct threat to the safety and security of Americans(…) These Iranian warships are already sanctioned, and so the port in Rio de Janeiro where they docked is now at risk of crippling sanctions, as are any Brazilian companies that provided them services or accepted payments”, Cruz said today after it became known that the warships were already in Brazilian port.

Makran and Dena are the names of the two warships now in Brazilian territory. The Makran is the largest of the entire Iranian navy and the fact that they are now in Brazilian territory is a historic event for the Iranians, Iran never had the capacity to travel so far. It also appears that the Iranian regime’s plans are to move the ships from Brazil to the Panama Canal, which is a vital passage for all of Latin America and so important that it connects 6% of the world’s trade.

Earlier this year, the commander of Iran’s navy expressed: “We have been present in all the strategic straits of the world (…) In one of which we will be present this year and we plan to be present in the Panama Canal”.

On the absent actions of President Biden regarding this historic event Senator Cruz was also blunt: “President Biden calls Brazilian President da Silva his friend and said he was honored to host him at the White House, and da Silva himself is a Chavista aligned against the United States and our interests, so either these risks were not conveyed or the Brazilians did not care. Nevertheless, our anti-terrorism laws are designed to protect Americans and are not optional.”

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