Biden cuts short Cuban officials visit to U.S., but fearing retaliation, allows tour of Coast Guard base

The Biden administration will no longer allow Castro dictatorship officials to visit the Coast Guard HQ in Washington, but is still giving them a tour of a Coast Guard base in North Carolina. The change in tour plans came after strong protest from members of congress, who questioned the wisdom of the Biden administration allowing Cuban military and Communist Party officials, who are sworn enemies of America and freedom, to get an up close view of a US. military installation.

Nora Gamez Torres reports via

A planned visit this week by Cuban Border Guard officials to U.S. Coast Guard headquarters in Washington has been canceled after complaints from Republican members of Congress.

However, the Cuban delegation, which arrived Wednesday, will still be allowed to tour port facilities in North Carolina due to concerns that suspending the entire visit could trigger retaliation from Cuban authorities, congressional sources told the Miami Herald.

Initially, officials from Cuba’s Interior, Transportation and Foreign Relations ministries were expected to meet with Coast Guard officials at the agency’s headquarters and tour U.S. port facilities in Wilmington, North Carolina, as part of the United States’ International Port Security Program, the State Department said.

But following calls from members of Congress to cancel the entire event, Department of Homeland Security officials replied that the U.S. Coast Guard feared that doing so could make the island authorities less willing to accept repatriated migrants interdicted at sea, according to congressional staffers who asked to remain anonymous to discuss information they were not authorized to comment on publicly.

While the tour cuts out the Coast Guard HQ in the nation’s capital, the Cuban officials will still get a tour of a Coast Guard installation, which makes no sense at all. However, according to Homeland Security officials, the decision to still allow the Cuban delegation to visit a Coast Guard base was apparently motivated by fear. The Biden administration is afraid canceling the tour altogether might anger the Cuban dictatorship and it would retaliate.

A relationship with Cuba’s communist dictatorship that is based on fear is exactly the type of relationship the Castro regime thrives on. They walked all over Obama (and America) because of his fear, and they’re doing the same to Biden.

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  1. Oh, but the Cubanoids who voted for Biden are fine with whatever he does–and they’d vote for him again.

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