Shocking! Leaking ceiling creates ‘puddles of blood’ inside Havana hospital

“puddle of blood” at Calixto Garcia hospital

From our Bureau of Latrine American Socialist Medical Powerhouses

This is Castro, Inc.’s “free” healthcare. This is the “medical powerhouse” lauded by idiots everywhere.

Aaaaah, the many delights of socialist utopias. Joy, sheer joy, and infinite gratitude. Don’t dare to complain, you must be happy and thankful.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Leaking pipes of the “Calixto García” Clinical Surgical Hospital in Havana caused a “rain” of blood, secretions and fluids in the Burn Room.

“It seems that the pipes are broken,” a person wrote privately to the Cuban influencer Amed Rodríguez (Abejas Memes), who echoed the complaint.

The Cuban, who shared a screenshot of the message on Twitter, showed a pool of blood surrounding the seats that patients and visitors at that Havana hospital should use.

My God, what a horror!” he added.

The Free Cuban Medical Guild echoed the complaint and criticized the communist government for defending the idea that the country is a medical power, while its hospitals remain in those conditions.

“It is no longer just a matter of ideology (that you are a communist and the other is not) it is a matter of survival, either we reveal ourselves and wipe out that disastrous government or we will be annihilated (communists and rats included). Cuba is scorched earth, only It remains to demand that they give up power,” he wrote on his Facebook account.

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  1. Unfortunately, the more outrageous the incident, the easier it is to dismiss as an exaggeration, fabrication or distortion, and the willfully blind can ALWAYS refuse to see what they don’t want to admit. They’ve only been doing it for over 60 years, and counting.

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