Cuban dictatorship targeting children, seniors, and the disabled since the July 2021 protests

Socialism can be deadly to the healthy and able-bodied, so imagine what it does to the most vulnerable in society. In communist Cuba, children, seniors, and the disabled are taking the brunt of the Castro regime’s oppression.

Frances Martel reports via Breitbart:

Report: Cuba Using 2021 Protests to Abuse Children, Seniors, Disabled

An extensive report published Thursday by the human rights organization Prisoners Defenders documented in detail the abuse of Cuban political prisoners following the nationwide protests on July 11, 2021, including torture and arbitrary detention of children, infirm seniors, and persons with documented mental illness.

Prisoners Defenders, a Spanish human rights organization, has documented more than 1,000 cases of individuals imprisoned in Cuba, a repressive communist state for over half a century, because of their perceived or expressed political beliefs. Attempts by human rights groups to tally the true number of such political prisoners necessarily fall short of counting them all, as the Cuban Communist Party actively obstructs human rights investigations and persecutes researchers and journalists, so the true number of political prisoners on the island is likely far higher.

Javier Larrondo, the president of Prisoners Defenders, debuted the nearly two-year investigation into the fates of Cubans arrested following the July 11 protests in an event on Thursday. Prisoners Defenders has filed a formal complaint with the United Nations against the Republic of Cuba, demanding the immediate freedom of the imprisoned, detailing the process that led to their imprisonment – sometimes without receiving a trial or sentence – and finding no evidence of anything resembling due process or respect for the rule of law.

Cuba is a member of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

During the event on Thursday, Larrondo noted that, prior to July 11, 2021, his organization had documented less than 200 political prisoners imprisoned on the island, “usually independent journalists, dissident intellectuals and human rights activists.”

“In addition, more than 11,000 people in Cuba were condemned under ‘pre-criminal’ provisions,” meaning Cuba imprisoned them out of suspicion that they may, in the future, commit a crime due to behavior “contrary to the morality of the Revolution.”

“Hundreds of thousands of youths have spent time in prison for pre-criminal behavior,” he noted.

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