Cuban dictatorship’s ambassador confronted by exiles in Tampa restaurant

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Castro, Inc’s ambassador to the U.S. took an illegal trip to Tampa to drum up business with some of the city’s many Castronoids, but a visit to a French restaurant brought her face to face with some unhappy Cubans.

The diplomat’s bodyguards tried to bring the confrontation to a quick end, but failed, and now there is a video recording of this reverse act of repudiation.

Ha. If only events like this could happen more often.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

A group of Cuban exiles in Tampa confronted this Friday the regime’s ambassador to the US, Lianys Torres Rivera, who was preparing to meet with local politicians at the French restaurant Mise en Place, according to a video published by the AméricaTevé channel, from Miami.

The call for attention to the diplomat was an initiative of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance. It starred Roberto Pizano, a former political prisoner who served 18 years in Castro’s prisons, and his son Raphael Pizano, a veteran of the US Armed Forces.

In the video you can see how these two Cubans rebuke the ambassador, who at no time shows her face. Several men try to keep the protesters away from Torres Rivera. One of them even tries to cover the cell phone camera recording the incident with his hand.

“Ambassador, say something to the camera, please! Have a face, our families are suffering!” says one of the exiles.

Roberto Pizano questions one of the guards who won’t let him get close to the diplomat: ”How do you bring the representative of a murderous regime here? Do you know how many years I was in a prison in Cuba? 18 years. But those HP had sentenced me to death!”, says the exile.

After a few very tense minutes, the Cubans left the restaurant and Raphael Pizano expressed: ”There you have the Cuban ambassador, eating deliciously here (…). They did not face us, but we did stand up for our exile and our political prisoners. While the people of Cuba are starving, she is eating a delicious chop in a French restaurant”.

”We are going to see here in Florida why they let this lady come. There is a law that does not allow the regime’s ambassadors to move beyond 50 miles and that is being violated,” said Roberto Pizano.

It is not the first time that Torres Rivera has visited South Florida. In June of last year, journalist Mario J. Pentón announced that the diplomat had secretly visited the city of Miami in May, to meet with businessmen and figures related to travel and shipments to Cuba.

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4 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship’s ambassador confronted by exiles in Tampa restaurant”

  1. You need to publish who were the local politicians that invited the Cuban ambassador to the US to Tampa to discuss business opportunities and also who were the business people that attended the meeting…
    This info will be good to know who is supporting the Dictatorship of Cuba here in the US..especially the local Tampa politicians and business people.

  2. “Why do we have to put up with these worms when we are such important people. No wonder this guy was a prisoner in Cuba for 18 years. He deserved it. We would never put up with this behavior if he was in Cuba. What a backward country America is.”

    And that blond, so irritated by this distraction..

    If I were the restaurant owner and they sat down to dinner, I would give them slop with roaches in it or I would put something bitter on the food so it would be inedible.

    What are they doing in our country anyway? Do you think Trump would invite them here?

  3. We have to understand that there are plenty of people to whom Cuba’s tragedy essentially does not matter, and all they really want is some sort of gain from Cuba if they can get it. It’s an ugly truth but very real.

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