Schools in Cuba have urine leaking on students from the ceilings

While many believe the communist Castro dictatorship’s decades of propaganda, the state of the education system in Cuba has significantly worsened since the socialist revolution.

Roberto Alvarez Quiñones explains in Diario de Cuba:

Cuban schools: leaking urine

Today, with twice the population in 1958, the country has 160 fewer rural schools than before the Castros seized power.

Recently, during President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s visit to Mexico, his counterpart there, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced: “I promise President Miguel Díaz-Canel that Mexico will lead a more active movement to unite all countries and defend the independence and sovereignty of Cuba, rejecting any treatment of it as a terrorist country.”

Faced with such an affront to Cubans, by supporting the Communist tyranny that has all but destroyed Cuba, it is worth taking a look at some of the “achievements of the revolution” that the Mexican populist president has so emphatically praised.

A good place to start is with at the national education system, which, together with public health, has been the main bulwark of Castroist propaganda. For decades Fidel Castro fabricated his most successful publicity myths around these social services, selling them as the “genuine work of the Cuban revolution.” The planet swallowed it, and Castro I became a benefactor of his people and the poor around the world, allowing him to maintain power ad infinitum.

Cuban schools, leaking urine

Now let’s return to reality and see what two mothers of schoolchildren in Holguin said a few days ago: “At my son’s school, in order not to be soaked with pee, one would have to enter on stilts, because it builds up outside the toilet. And they don’t flush, remaining full of feces all the time. There’s just no maintenance, it’s disgusting, —complained Suriley, the mother of a high school student in Holguin.

Another Holguin mother, Dayné, reported that “from the roof drips pee with water from the bathroom above,” and the toilets “there are worms, because they don’t flush.” Ana Laura, the daughter of Laura Inés, is in second grade at an elementary school and has never gone to the school bathroom, as “she prefers to hold it rather than go to such a disgusting place.”

These complaints by Suriley and Dayné are somewhat secondary, as they speak to the lack of hygiene in Cuba, but not the systemic educational crisis in the country, which reeks even worse than those school bathrooms.

Going back a little, according to the low standards of the Third World, it could be said that until the 80s Castroism managed to have an extensive system of schooling, even if it was not an educational one, which is something very different.

Everything was false, based on a double fallacy: 1) education was not financed by the Government of Cuba, but rather by the Kremlin, with subsidies of up to 3 billion dollars per year; 2) Castro’s real purpose was not education per se, but rather to carry out the largest brainwashing operation ever in the Western Hemisphere. That is why he closed all the private schools, and dismissed the teachers and professors “trained by the bourgeoisie” who would not collaborate in Communist indoctrination.

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