Castro dictatorship recovers major revenue stream as Western Union reopens remittances to Cuba

Thanks to Biden lifting restrictions on Cuba’s communist dictatorship, the corrupt and murderous Castro crime family will once again enjoy millions in funding from remittances sent to Cuba.

Emmanuel Rincon reports in Americano Media (my translation):

Financing for the Cuban dictatorship: Western Union announces the opening of remittances from all the U.S. after Biden’s authorization

Western Union announced that as of Thursday, Cubans would be able to receive remittances from any part of the U.S., a service which had been suspended in November 2020 by the Republican administration of Donald Trump.

The company said the small scale testing phase that began in January, which allowed the sending of U.S. dollars from Florida only, had been completed. According to an analysis by CiberCuba, the Cuban regime keeps 74% of every dollar sent to the island.

In a press release, Western Union stated money could be sent from any of the 4,400 branches in the U.S. and will have a $2,000 daily limit. In addition, remittances can also be made via the company’s website or the mobile app.

“These remittances sent to the island through Western Union are handled by Orbit S.A., a company with unknown owners and with no official registration documents available. It was created in February 2020 and received authorization from the Central Bank to handle remittances that year,” according to a report by EFE.

After the Biden administration lifted sanctions to allow Cubans in exile to send remittances to the island, Cuba’s Central Bank handed down a decree in January that limits daily and monthly cash withdrawals as well as limiting electronic transfers between accounts in both Cuban pesos and hard currency.

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  1. The only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner. The Castronoids must be giddy with joy, as they should be.

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