Another president with a son problem

It turns out that President Biden is not the only president with a son in the news. Down in Colombia, recently elected President Gustavo Petro is getting questions about his son too. 

This is the story:     

Colombia’s attorney general’s office said on Friday it will begin an investigation into accusations that President Petro’s oldest son took money from drug traffickers in exchange for including them in his father’s peace efforts.

Nicolas Petro, a lawmaker in Atlantico province, has said he has had nothing to do with the president’s efforts to make peace or surrender deals with rebels and criminal gangs, and called the accusations “unfounded and harmful.”

At least they didn’t find a laptop.

The story behind all this is the reality that Petro’s government is working on a conditional amnesty:  It would allow criminal gangs, including drug traffickers, to surrender in exchange for reduced sentences.  The idea reminds a few of us of Mexico’s “hugs not bullets” approach.  How is that working in Mexico?  Look around and you will see a lot more shooting than embracing. During the campaign, a very close election, candidate Petro promised to bring ‘peace’ to Colombia after six decades of conflict and 450,000 dead.

President Petro’s problems go beyond his son.  Apparently, there are also accusations against his brother and his sons.   

Wonder if President Petro drives a Corvette?

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  1. I actually used to admire Colombians. Should have known better. The Latrine taint will out, and it did.

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