First victim of ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba calls intel report on Havana Syndrome ‘shameful and ridiculous’

While some are applauding the U.S. intelligence report whitewashing Havana Syndrome and any role played by Cuba’s communist dictatorship, Americans who were the actual victims know better and are speaking out.

Via ADN America:

Patient Zero denounces U.S. intel report suggesting Havana Syndrome not result of foreign weapon

A former U.S. government official known as “patient zero” called the report “shameful and ridiculous”

An anonymous U.S. official known only as Adam and “Patient Zero” who was the victim of Havana Syndrome, denounced a recent U.S. intelligence report which said the affliction was most likely not the result of a weapon from a foreign adversary.

The specter of the Havana Syndrome originally arose after a high number of U.S. diplomats working at the embassy in Havana began suffering from consistent symptoms.

The anonymous patient called the report “shameful and ridiculous,” saying that “there are errors, falsehoods, misrepresentation of the truth and flat out lies,” in statements to Fox News.

The former diplomat also stated that “to say that a foreign adversary does not have the same type of technology or equipment, frankly, is ridiculous.”

Adam specified that the first time he experienced symptoms was when he worked at the U.S. Embassy in Havana in December 2016.

“When I first felt it I was in my room. A very, very loud sound entered my room. I felt a pressure in my head, followed by heart palpitations. Sort of like someone taking a pencil and sticking it into your eardrum “, he added.

Now the man is retired due to his medical conditions.

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