Copycat video of Cubans on horse-drawn cart at Hialeah McDonald’s drive-through goes viral

De nuestro Buró de Jayalía with some assistance in English from the Cuban-American Anti-Defamation League.

Our Hialeah Bureau — which refuses to speak English — is reporting that an incident captured on video this past July has gone viral, and that it has sparked an outburst of anti-Cuban sentiments on social media

The Hialeah Bureau wants to let the world know that the video of two Cubans riding a horse-drawn cart to a Hialeah McDonald’s does NOT reflect Cuban values or Cuban culture. In fact, this stunt appears to have been inspired by videos on YouTube that feature similar events elsewhere, especially in the British Isles, in places such as Derbyshire, England, where a pair of jokers were refused service due to health code regulations.

Similar stunts have taken place in Wales, U.K., and several locations in England, such as West Sussex, and Somerset, and locations in Ireland, such as Dublin.

So, stop the tongue-wagging and finger-pointing, all of you bigots, including you snobbish Cubans from Coral Gables. These two Cuban blokes were just trying to fit in with Anglo-Saxon and Celtic cultures, which they know to be dominant in the United States. This is Americanization in action, rather than an embarrassing display of Latrine American backwardness.

Luslí tranleité fron Períodico Cubano

The drive thru of a McDonald’s, located in the city of Hialeah, had two Cubans as customers who were aboard a horse-drawn cart with the island’s flag on the back.

Although the images were recorded in August of last year at the branch located at 460 Hialeah Dr. FL 33010, this week they began to go viral and cause controversy, and even annoyance, among Internet users on social networks.

The user Abel Lorenzo shared the video and assured that the Cubans that appear are from the Camagüey province, specifically from the Nuevitas municipality. The content also includes the song Ponte Pa Lo Tuyo, performed by the group also Cuban Yoruba Andabo.

Since the guarandinga is still a widely used means of transportation on the island due to the shortage of gasoline, some Cubans residing in Florida pointed out this fact as a Third World act and completely out of place in the current era.

“We are in the middle of 2023 to continue with the delay and mistreating animals, if they had the money to buy a horse and what it has behind it, it is better that they buy a motorcycle or at least get together for a car,” said the citizen Gabriela Vargas .

The usurary María Cristina Fleites asked newcomers to the United States not to do the same thing they did in Cuba. “You are already in a developed country with opportunities, try to get ahead, study, prepare, work and know the laws of the nation that opened the doors for you,” she added.

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