Kentucky Senate honors Cubans in Kentucky, condemns human rights abuses in Cuba

We give thanks to the Kentucky State Senate for passing a resolution honoring the Kentucky Cuban American community (yes, there’s Cubans in Kentucky) and condemning human rights abuses in Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Kentucky Senate celebrates the contributions of the Cuban community and condems human rights violations on the island

The Senate of the Kentucky General Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution honoring the work of the Kentucky Cuban American Association (ACAK) and highlighted its tireless activism in defense of a free and democratic Cuba.

Sponsored by Republican Senator Mike Nemes, Senate Resolution #100 exalts the mission of the non-profit organization created in 2017 with the purpose of educating and empowering the growing Cuban community in Kentucky, as well as defending the freedom and values ??of the United States.

“It is an honor to be part of the history being written by Cubans in Kentucky,” said a Facebook post by Luis David Fuentes, the editor of El Kentubano magazine and vice-president of ACAK.

Other members of the organization’s board are Berta Weyenberg, Orlando Grimany, Oscar Puig, María Teresa Rodríguez, Darién Barrios, Irina Baptiste, Diego Leyva, and Dania Marzo.

Furthermore, the legislative text points out as the main cause that more than 45,000 Cubans have settled in Kentucky is the lack of freedoms and rights caused by the Communist Party and the dictatorship that governs the island for more than six decades.

Just in the city of Louisville, hundreds of Cubans are arriving every month due to the current exodus from the island. At this moment, it is estimated that close to 30,000 Cubans reside there, a number that far exceeds the 6,000 that lived in the region in 2010.

Many members of ACAK attended the Senate session carrying photos of some of the victims of the dictatorship, some who have been assassinated, and others unjustly imprisoned for the crime of thinking differently.

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