Cuba cloud over Guilford, Connecticut, Sunday 3 March 2023, 5:03 p.m.

From our Bureau of Proofs For The Existence of God

Waiting for Snow in Havana, chapter 16

They appear suddenly, out of nowhere, when I least expect it. They float into view, and linger there longer than all others, without changing shape, or changing so slowly as to fool me into thinking they can’t change at all.

They come in all sizes. Perspective is their favorite language for kidding around. Some of them are foreshortened. Some are elongated. Some are compact. Some are almost abstract. Some are cubist. The cubist ones are my favorites because they know they are puns.

‘There it is again,’ I’ll say when it appears out of nowhere, the crocodile-shaped island, my once and future lizard. So sublime, so ethereal, so far from reach, so clever and unfathomable, so supercharged with the power to enchant and annihilate me at the same time.

Such an odd, silent clue. Such rare evidence, so absurd, this, my fourth proof for the existence of God.:

See, I told you so . . . Te lo dije . . .

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