Florida State Senators call attention to 20 alleged Cuban State Security agents now living in Florida

Cuban spies and State Security agents having been coming to Florida and living clandestinely among the exile community for decades. But that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

Via Periódico Cubano (my translation):

20 alleged Castro oppressors detected in Florida

Florida state representatives and senators have sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas denouncing that at least 20 Cubans who are presumed to be linked to repression by the Castro regime have been detected.

The members of congress put out a press release with photos of the Cubans who have been identified as agents and appear to have been under orders of the communist government. Furthermore, they said the results of the investigation will be given to Congress and the Secretary to ensure these individuals are not granted asylum.

“There were 20 Cuba oppressors who have been identified and have entered the state of Florida. There are individuals who are coming here and are not identifying themselves honestly, and we now know are people who have committed crimes,” said State Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez.

The investigation was carried out by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba and the information on this individuals and the supposed evidence showing their collaboration with the dictatorship while they lived on the island can be found on their website, represorescubanos.com.

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Americateve has a report (in Spanish) on this below: