Ay, Dios mio! Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega severs diplomatic relations with the Vatican

From our Bureau of Severely Strained Relationships with some assistance from our Bureau of Temper Tantrums From Latrine American Tinhorn Dictators With Very Thin Skin

“There you go, Papa Che! This will hurt you more than anything else I could do,” said dictator Daniel Ortega to the Vicar of Christ. “While you’re helping my dear friends in Cuba to get rid of their dissidents the same way I did, I’m turning my back on you, and letting the world know that you’re really an arch-heretic when it comes to liberation theology!”

Ah, yes, Danielito is pissed. How dare Papa Che compare his dictatorship to Nazi Germany and hurl insults at it such as “vile,” “reprehensive,” and “obscene.”

Our correspondent in Managua reports that Danielito’s parting words to Papa Che were: “This severing of diplomatic relations will let the world know that you, so-called Papa Che, are not a true leftist, after all. You actually resemble Hitler, much more than I do. So, there, Papito, take your Nuncio back, fold our relations nine ways and stick ’em where the moon don’t shine. And from now on, all liberation theologians and social justice warriors will spit on your image. . .” Or something like that….

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

Daniel Ortega ordered the rupture of diplomatic relations with the Holy See a few hours after publishing statements by Pope Francis, who described the Government of Nicaragua as a “vile dictatorship,” the newspaper Confidencial published.

Diplomatic sources in Rome confirmed to the outlet that the representative of the Sandinista government to the Holy See, Yara Suhyén Pérez Calero, “verbally” communicated the break in relations at the Vatican Secretariat of State in Rome, referring to the words of Francis, who for the first time he spoke forcefully about the Ortega regime’s attacks against the Catholic Church.

Nicaragua has not had an ambassador to the Apostolic See since September 21, 2021, when Ortega canceled the appointment of Elliette Ortega Sotomayor. Pérez Calero serves as Minister Counselor.

Ortega and Murillo put an end to a diplomatic relationship of at least 115 years. The coexistence between the Sandinistas and the Catholic Church of Nicaragua has been marked by friction and mistrust in the last 43 years.

Nicaragua will also enter a small group of 13 countries that do not maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, four of them have communist governments —Vietnam, North Korea, China and Laos— and eight are Muslims —Somalia, Oman, Mauritania, Maldives, Comoro Islands, Brunei, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia—the other is Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom in South Asia.

According to the diplomatic source in Rome, “the representative of the Nunciature in Managua was given a week to leave the country.”

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