Meet the two Republican sponsors of legislation to allow Cuba to buy American goods on credit

Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran

From our Bureau of Monumental Idiocy with some assistance from our Bureau of American Legislators Who Want U.S. Taxpayers To Pay For Whatever Castro, Inc. Buys From American Farmers and Manufacturers

One might expect “progressive” Democrats to push for trade legislation that will benefit the Castro dictatorship because Democrats tend to love Castro, Inc.

But this time, some leftist Democrats in the U.S. Senate have managed to rope Republican Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran into co-sponsoring a “bipartisan” bill that will allow Castro, Inc. to buy American goods on credit, which is the same as showering Castro, Inc. with free gifts.

Marshall and Moran are both from Kansas, a state that relies heavily on agricultural production. Those midwestern farmers represented by these two Republican dunces can currently sell Castro, Inc. whatever it wants to buy. The only restriction imposed on Cuba is that it must pay cash for whatever it purchases.

As anyone with half a brain and the ability to read can easily find out, Castro, Inc. NEVER pays back what it owes its creditors. What this legislation will accomplish — if passed — is to pass on whatever debt Cuba accrues to U.S. taxpayers. Face it, the Federal government is not going to let American farmers go bankrupt when Cuba fails to pay for the products it buys from them. And the same goes for manufacturers.

These fools think their bill will “create a new export market and generate economic opportunities for American businesses.” Yeah, sure, it will generate opportunities alright: plenty of OPPORTUNITIES TO NEVER BE PAID for goods sold to a deadbeat terror-sponsoring dictatorship.

Pa’l carajo con estos comemierdas . . .

Mil gracias por los regalos, comemierdas … sey gubay tu yur mony….ja, ja….

From Kansas Reflector

The two Republican U.S. senators from Kansas joined three Democrats as sponsors of legislation repealing federal laws restricting trade with Cuba while retaining provisions aimed at human rights and property claims against the Cuban government.

U.S. Sens. Jerry Moran and Roger Marshall said the time had come to relax limitations on direct shipping between U.S. and Cuban ports as well as other features of a trade embargo denying U.S. producers access to consumers in Cuba.

The U.S. International Trade Commission found that if restrictions on trade with Cuba were lifted the annual export of wheat, rice, corn and soybeans could increase to about $800 million annually. Cuba relies on agricultural imports to feed the 11 million people who live there.

“The unilateral trade embargo on Cuba blocks our own farmers, ranchers and manufacturers from selling into a market only 90 miles from our shoreline, while foreign competitors benefit at our expense,” Moran said.

Moran and Marshall joined with Democratic U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as sponsors of the trade legislation.

“It’s important for the United States to boost our economic opportunities and increase market access for American-made goods,” Marshall said. “Repealing the current legal restrictions and trade embargo on Cuba … opens the door to a large export market, while leaving in place measures to address human rights abuses.”

Klobuchar said repeal of the embargo would “turn the page on the failed policy of isolation while creating a new export market and generating economic opportunities for American businesses.”

“It is long past time for us to normalize relations with Cuba,” Warren said. “This legislation takes important steps to remove barriers for U.S. trade and relations between our two countries and moves us in the right direction by increasing economic opportunities for Americans and the Cuban people.”

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  1. The crony capitalism branch of the Republican party. The US taxpayer will be the ones who pay the farmers. Just put this charity in the farm bill cause Cuba will never pay for anything on credit – especially from the USA. You can put money on that one.

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