Gay anti-communist activists in Spain put a skirt and lipstick on Che Guevara bust in Madrid

A bust of the homophobic Marxist mass-murderer Che Guevara in the Spanish capital of Madrid got a makeover of sorts in a protest by three gay anti-communist activists. The activists, who go by the name Marifachas (short for “maricones fachas,” or roughly translated, gay look or gay style) were calling attention to Che Guevara’s history of being a homophobic murderer who sent gay Cubans to concentration camps.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Bust of Che in Madrid turned into a transvestite by anti-communist activists

Over this past weekend, three conservative activists who go by the name Marifachas (short for maricones fachas), turned a bust of Che Guevara in the Leganes de Madrid neighborhood into a transvestite, according to a report in The Objective.

The activists, who are also YouTubers, dressed the image of the guerrilla with a skirt, a bow, as well as putting lipstick on him to protest the honoring of a “homophobe.”

“We don’t understand how a bust of this assassin can be placed in a public plaza in Spain, a guy who sent homosexuals to work camps, who is an icon of repression and the destruction of our rights as gay people and individuals,” said one of the activists, Carlos M. Guaman, to The Objective. The YouTuber, who is known on social media as “Carlitos from Spain,” made clear that they didn’t vandalize the monument, just dressed him up as a woman and later cleaned everything up when local police arrived.

Unidas Podemos [Together We Can], the pro-communist party that co-governs Spain, called for the activists to be charged. The purple movement called on Leganes city officials to levy fines on the Marifachas for “vandalism of public property.” The left-wing Spanish political party accuses the three activists of being “ultra right-wing” agents and said that “we will always confront hate speech.”

On the other hand, the Vox candidate (Spain’s right-wing party) in Leganes, Beatriz Tejero, celebrated the Marifachas protest because “thousands of citizens are now discovering that Leganes has a statue dedicated to the criminal Che Guevara.”

The bronze bust of the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla was put up in Leganes in 2001, more than twenty years ago, when the town was governed by the PSOE (the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) and the United Left. The bust, by sculptor Eva Montoro, represents the most famous image of the guerrilla taken by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda on March 5, 1960 in Havana. The bust weights almost 200 kilos and is two meters wide.

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  1. “Che” was much worse than a homophobe, so any public monument to him in a presumably decent country is an abomination. Of course, Spain still has a public park named after its general, Valeriano Weyler, aka “the Butcher,” who was responsible for what amounted to genocide during Cuba’s War of Independence resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of CIVILIANS in concentration camps.

  2. Having common sense makes you ultra right wing, I suppose. Good to see people telling the truth about Che, though.

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