Scientist who investigated ‘Havana Syndrome’ says U.S. intelligence report is ‘bullsh*t’

A U.S. intelligence report effectively absolving the communist Castro regime of any responsibility for the “sonic attacks” suffered by American diplomats in Havana is “bullsh*t,” according to a top scientist involved in the investigation.

Via the UK’s Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Scientist who investigated Havana Syndrome insists US enemies ARE to blame for mysterious condition afflicting 1,500 embassy staff worldwide – and slams government report for denying it

A top scientist who dealt directly with victims of Havana Syndrome has slammed the government finding that the condition was not caused by foreign adversities as ‘bulls**t.

The scientist – and their patients – remain convinced that the mysterious condition was caused by directed energy weapons: guns firing intense ultrasound, radio or microwaves.

Around 1,500 personnel at US embassies around the world were inflicted with strange headaches, dizziness, ringing sounds and even brain damage – dubbed Havana Syndrome after the Cuban embassy where the first case was detected in 2016.

‘There’s no environmental cause that causes the body damage that I saw,’ said the source, speaking on the condition of anonymity because revealing their identity could unmask their patients, whom they are required to keep secret.

‘And I don’t know how you create damage inside of a body, like what was seen, that comes on all of a sudden, and could be called pre-existing conditions.

Earlier this month, a study by seven intelligence agencies concluded the symptoms were ‘probably the result of factors that did not involve a foreign adversary, such as preexisting conditions, conventional illnesses, and environmental factors’.

But a top PhD who played a central role in the initial investigation of hundreds of embassy officials, told that both they and their patients are convinced the mysterious condition was caused deliberately.

‘A directed energy weapon is just focusing of electromagnetic energies,’ they added. ‘They’ve been around since the 80s.

‘We know that the Soviets had sonic weapons. Anyone in the intelligence community will tell you the US has had these kinds of energy weapons for a while.’

The PhD expert worked with the US intelligence community, analyzing body scans of several Havana Syndrome patients and studied data on scores more.

They told that both they, their scientific colleagues who worked on those cases, and the victims themselves, are furious at the government’s explanation.

‘A lot of the people I’ve spoken to, some of whom have been the target of this stuff, just throw up their hands in disgust,’ one scientist said.

‘Everybody just rolls their eyes and says bulls**t.’

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