Cuban state-run website takes down anti-gay speech by Fidel Castro

Cuba’s state-run news website Cubadebate was forced to take down a speech by Fidel Castro it posted on Monday after receiving a barrage of complaints over its homophobic and anti-religious content.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

State-run website Cubadebate took down a controversial speech by Fidel Castro it had posted on Monday after fiery criticism from Cubans on social media over its homophobic and anti-religious content.

The ill-fated speech from March 13, 1963, where Castro railed against homosexuals and the religious, was replaced by another speech by the dictator given on the same day but in the prior year.


In his speech on March 13, 1963, Fidel Castro condemned the youth that followed foreign influences and presented the justification for repression and censorship against those he called “lazy youngsters, children of the bourgeoisie” who “in Elvis Presley-lie attitudes” want to “put on their feminized shows out in the open.”

The dictator also repeated eugenic and homophobic theories about the influence of the milieu and foreshadowed what would be the raids and the famous work camps where homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “deviants” would be imprisoned.

“Do not confuse the serenity of the Revolution and the equanimity of the Revolution with weakness of the Revolution. This is because our society cannot give any space to these degenerates. The socialist society cannot allow that type of degenerate behavior,” the dictator threatened 60 years ago in a speech brought forward and then sent back by the state-run media website.

Between 1965 and 1968, UMAP camps were created, which were forced labor camps where many of these young people ended up with the objective of “reeducation.”

The speech was a reminder of what the left wants to forget; that communist dictator Fidel Castro was a virulent homophobe who rounded up gay Cubans and other “deviants” into concentration camps.

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  1. No problem. The usual suspects totally “understand,” and Mariela Castro’s “gay rights” scam is good enough.

  2. This can’t be true, I’ve been told reliably, by experts who make their living pretending to be other people, that Castro and his band are the most groovy leaders in the world. In all seriousness, though, if any conservative person or anyone they ever encountered said something like this, it would be wall to wall news on the government propaganda stations, I mean, MSM.

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