Mexico seeks to double the number of Cuban slave doctors in 2023

Guayabera power! Latrine to the max, especially when worn by big-bellied louts!

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neoslavery with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Contempt for Human Rights

Mexico’s ultra-leftist president is doubling down on his promise to keep importing as many Cuban slave doctors as possible. His goal is to import another 600 enslaved healthcare workers this year.

Aaaah, the spectacle of Latrine American ethics. Loathsome, cruel, twisted, and imbecilic beyond measure. If such behavior were to emit an aroma, it would be like a mixture of raw sewage and mustard gas.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and that of Miguel Díaz-Canel have agreed to hire another batch of 600 Cuban doctors to work in Mexico, the government of the Aztec country announced on Tuesday.

The director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, said during the morning presidential conference that the new brigade of doctors will join the initial contingent of 610 that began to arrive in the country since the middle of last year.

The announcement comes almost a month after the visit made to Mexico by the Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel, in which both governments promised to strengthen cooperation in health and trade.

“It is very likely that we need more doctors, more specialists from Cuba. Here, where they don’t listen to us, they don’t see us, so once and for all I’m making it known: hopefully they will support us with more doctors, with more specialists, because we have a commitment that by July of this year we must have all the staff in health centers and hospitals, and we can achieve it if we continue to count on your support,” AMLO said during a Mexico-Cuba Bilateral Meeting, held in the Seventh Naval Region, in Campeche, in which the Cuban ruler.

Numerous organizations have denounced that the medical agreements of the Cuban regime with other countries protect modern slavery and human trafficking, since in these missions Cuban health personnel face violations of their rights to freedom of association, freedom of movement, and freedom of expression.

Other critics point out that the export of health professionals affects medical services in Cuba, whether primary care or different specialties, in hospitals, polyclinics and other areas impacted by the lack of qualified personnel.

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  1. When one sees the president of any country repeatedly and publicly treat a lousy two-bit dictator as if he were literally his best friend, what is one supposed to think of the people who elected such a president? I can tell you what I think, but that should be obvious enough by now. Yes, it’s very Latrine, as in full of shit.

    And some people wonder why just hearing the word Mexico makes my skin crawl. Talk about repulsive.

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