Huge protest sign drawn on Havana street

One brave Cuban risked his life drawing a huge sign on a Havana street in broad daylight calling for the end of the communist Castro dictatorship. The sign read, “Down with the dictatorship. Castro assassins.” If caught, he will face beatings, torture, and years in a Castro gulag.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

‘Down with the dictatorship. Castro assassins,’ says an enormous sign in in Havana in the middle of the day

An enormous anti-government sign was written in broad daylight this Tuesday in Havana, according to a social media post by actor and activist Edel Carrero, who witnessed the act.

“Down with the dictatorship, the Castro assassins” the sign read in large letters written with sand on the asphalt of a street in Central Havana. Carrero took video of the sign that was several meters long at the intersection of Crespo and Trocadero streets.

“I saw the person who wrote it. This is what you have to do to these people. Down with the Castro-Canel dictatorship!” the actor exclaimed in the short video.

The sign was written a little before 3 PM. “I was on my way home and I saw him writing it. I waited until he finished, and I shot the video in a way that he could not be seen, so they can’t imprison him,” said Edel Carrero in a statement to 14yMedio.

An hour later, the independent news agency sent a reporter who “confirmed at the location that a neighbor was cleaning the floor with a broom and several buckets of water thrown down from a balcony.”

According to 14yMedio, the operation to erase the sign “was supervised […] by two police officers, one State Security agent, and two individuals who looked like factors [officials from Castro organizations] from the area.”

Anti-government signs and graffiti in Cuba are not tolerated by the Communist Party’s regime, which immediately orders its partisans and police force to eliminate any trace of dissent from the walls in cities and hunt down the perpetrators.

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