When Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin went to Cuba to solve a mystery

We remember that Jerry Lewis was born in Newark, New Jersey, on this day in 1926. He died in 2017. What else can you say about Jerry Lewis? He was one very funny man! In fact, we did not have to translate his movies to my mom. She’d laugh silly whenever he spoke or showed his face on the TV screen.

It turns out that Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin made a movie about solving a mystery in Cuba. It was titled “Scared stiff” and released in 1953. By the way, Dean was Larry, Jerry was Myron and Mary was the pretty young woman who got them down to the island. Here is a bit of the story:

Upon landing in Cuba, Larry and Myron slip away from their hotel and row to Lost Island. As they enter the castle, they are spotted by an old woman, who orders her zombie son to follow them. Inside, Larry and Myron see ghostly apparitions and a portrait of Mary’s great-great-grandmother, whom Mary closely resembles.

It’s a crazy and funny story. And my mother laughed the night we watched it.

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  1. Lisabeth Scott en el papel de “Mary” y esta fue la ultima pelicula de Carmen Miranda, que fallecio dos anos despues en agosto 1955

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