Cuban communist propaganda displayed in New York for the World Baseball Classic

For all those who say Cuba’s participation in the World Baseball Classic is just about sports and has nothing to do with politics, you should check with your friends in Havana.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

The People’s Forum, a group known for organizing campaigns in the U.S. to promote the Cuban regime, projected images in the city of New York in support of the Cuban team competing in the fifth World Baseball Classic.

The propaganda appeared last night on a building in the Big Apple. The message “Until the end with Cuba” was displayed along with the hashtags #WorldBaseballClassic and #teamAsese, the latter being a slogan promoted by the Castro dictatorship and fans referring to the Cuban team.

Although this promotion comes just a few days before Cuba competes in the semi-finals of the Classic at the Marlins’ LoanDepot Park in Miami, it is part of the same modus operandi used on other occasions to demand the end of the embargo and sanctions against the Cuban regime.

For the communist Castro dictatorship, everything is political. The tyrannical regime will put to use anything and everything to promote, defend, and sustain its iron grip on power, including sports.

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  1. It’s not so much that everything is political, but that everything is ultimately about staying in power.

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