Cuban dictatorship uses 10-minute blackouts to constantly interrupt viewing of U.S.-Cuba baseball game

The #Cuba team represents the very same people who have just disconnected my electrical current. No one can see the Classic! What a country!

From our Bureau of Orwellian Moments in Sports History with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Approaches to Live Broadcasts From Capitalist Nations

Even if you were a sports atheist — such as Professor Tres Fotutos — you would have been annoyed by Castro, Inc.’s clever tactic for censoring yesterday’s apocalyptic ball game in Miami.

Broadcasting the U.S.-Cuba game live from Miami proved to be too much to handle for the Ministry of Truth in Havana, which instantly spotted signs of free expression at the stadium. “Impossible,” they said. “We can’t let this happen. We can’t allow people in another country to express themselves freely. We can’t let Cubans see or hear any of this. And we certainly can’t let them see our team getting trounced.”

So, they cut off power intermittently throughout the entire island during the game. How ingenious. How socialist. How compassionate and merciful. Call it a “social justice” overload. Such buffoons. They should have simply blocked the entire broadcast.

Three pro-freedom protesters made it onto the field yesterday, briefly interrupting the game. Their quixotic interruptions were much more effective and praiseworthy. See video below:

Abridged and loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Blackouts every ten minutes in Cuba was one of the strategies of the Castro dictatorship during the baseball game against the United States.

Reports of power outages came from the island on Sunday night, in an effort to censor messages against the regime.

The Christian youtuber Ivan Daniel Calas made it known through his personal accounts on the social networks Twitter and Facebook.

“Without electricity, every 10 minutes they put it on LITERALLY for a second and then they take it off, they will damage the equipment,” he posted.

The blackouts could not avoid the message of rejection of the free Cubans and photographs were reported from the Island that confirm this.

Marisela Alfonso Madrigal, known as “La Madrigal de Cuba”, posted several snapshots where you can see the posters and phrases against the regime of the bloodthirsty Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel.

Ivan Daniel Calas regretted that, on top of the repeated blackouts, there was almost no Internet signal either.

“Also, almost no mobile data signal. It is a pity not to be able to hear the clear, clear screams from the stadium, ”he lamented.

Whole story HERE in Spanish, with screen shots of comments on social media.

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