Cuba’s puppet dictator expresses deep admiration for Iran’s dictatorship

Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and puppet dictator Trucutú Díaz-Canel in 2018

From our Bureau of Odd Bedfellows Attracted to One Another by a Mutual Incandescent Hatred of a Common Enemy

Castro, Inc.’s ersatz CEO, Trucutú Díaz-Canel waxed poetic about the love and admiration he has for the leaders of Iran, and about the tight bond that has been forged between the two murderous terror-exporting totalitarian regimes.

On the surface, it might seem that Iran and Cuba don’t have much in common. One is a theocracy, deeply committed to broadening and deepening the spread of Islam worldwide; the other is a Marxist-Leninist communist kleptocracy.

Undoubtedly, the tightest bond between atheistic Castrogonia and deeply Muslim Iran is not ideological, but rather strategic, and it boils down to a single issue: Their mutual hatred of the United States and their common urge to wipe it off the face of the earth.

The same bond also exists between Iran and all leftist Latrine American dictatorships. See photographic proof of this love affair below, in which Trucutú Díaz-Canel, Nicolas Maduro, and Daniel ortega proudly pose with Mohsen Rezai, mastermind of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, This love fest took place in Managua, Nicaragua on 11 January 2022.

Yet, there are many buffoons here in the U.S. who are still calling for Cuba to be taken off the list of terrorist states.

The Three Amigos pose with grimacing Iranian terrorist Mohsen Rezai

From Mehr News Agency, Iran

In an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen, the Cuban President talks about Cuba’s stance on the war in Ukraine and his country’s relationship with different countries.

Speaking about Cuban-Iranian relations, the Cuban president described Iran as Cuba’s sister nation. He said that the foundations of the relationship between the two countries are based on history and mutual respect, as well as the great resistance that the two people waged in the face of imperial blockades and sanctions.

According to the Cuban president, “the Cuban and Iranian people share an understanding of resistance, courage, heroism, dignity, and defiance to the plans of imperialist power.” 

He also expressed his appreciation for the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei as a politician and as the leader of the Iranian Revolution, admiring his “tremendous capability for logical thinking and analysis,” also describing him as a wise leader.

The Cuban president indicated that the two countries are working on joint projects that serve the economic development of both, especially in the fields of energy and food. He pointed out that Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi might visit his country, while also expressing his desire to visit Tehran this year.

Diaz-Canel stressed that this year will witness a deepening of relations between the two countries, and the adoption of projects that are of mutual benefit. He specified both nations share mutual projects that include scientific research, technology, and energy.

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