As Cubans suffer food shortages, Cuban dictatorship launches agricultural fair

Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship can’t produce enough food to feed the Cuban people, but it can produce enough food it sells to foreign nations for hard currency to fund the regime’s survival. This is socialism in action.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The regime inaugurates its agricultural fair while Cubans go hungry

The regime inaugurated the 24th edition of the International Agro-industrial Food Fair (FIAGROP 2023) this March 20 at its Rancho Boyeros headquarters in Havana. The event opened its doors just 11 days after state-run media acknowledged there was no milk available in Sancti Spiritus, not even for the sick, and 15 days after the minister of economics said the government could not provide adequate nutrition in the nation’s hospitals.

According to the state-run Cuban News Agency (ACN), the fair will take place “with a new focus on innovation and the promotion of exports,” but “without losing its essence and tradition, which is the exhibition of the best specimens of livestock, the competition, and the auction of animals”.

ACN also reported the featuring of a rodeo and described it as “a spectacle showing how ranchers live and whose workers, the cowboys, prepare for their daily routines.”

At the last international FIAGROP 2022 event, there was an incident of animal abuse that generated a wave of criticism by Cubans on social media.

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