Uncontrollable bedbug plague in Santiago de Cuba reaches headquarters of Communist Party

PCC headquarters, Santiago

From our Bureau of Socialist Pest Control

Ha! Those ultimately responsible for preventing or stopping epidemics are now being victimized by the results of their own incompetence.

The eastern Cuban city of Santiago is under siege by bedbugs –which Castro, Inc. is unable to eradicate — and the little critters have now reached the provincial headquarters of the Communist Party, where all the kleptocrats and repressors spend considerable amounts of time devising ways to make life miserable for all Cubans.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The plague of bedbugs in Santiago de Cuba is here to stay. In the city, the population reports every day about new contaminated places in the face of the opacity of the official press. Information on the spread of the blood-sucking insect remains limited despite the fact that official media have acknowledged the existence of the plague on local radio programs and, more recently, in an article in the online edition of the Sierra Maestra newspaper.

However, word of mouth is about the only way to find out about the extent of the bed bug situation. In the La Caoba correctional facility, located in the Palma Soriano municipality, the situation is critical. Pedro received a visit from his mother with his back full of bites. “The hives cover his entire back. I didn’t take photos of him because they don’t let you in with your cell phone during visits,” says the inmate’s mother.

Pedro chose to sleep on the floor as the only effective measure to get rid of the nocturnal attack of the tiny parasitic insects. He is being threatened by the directors of the prison with a sanction if he does not stop doing it.

“This is crazy. What he has is a dirty piece of mattress. There is no fumigation there, no products to eliminate bedbugs, and they penalize you just for sleeping on the floor. They want to force him to sleep on that infested mattress. The saddest thing is that I suggested they bring a sponge mattress that belonged to my grandson, and they don’t want to either, so let’s see how this ends. They don’t let anyone help and they have nothing to solve,” he concludes.

DIARIO DE CUBA also spoke with a doctor from the José Martí Community Polyclinic, who declared that the presence of bedbugs is constant even in the headquarters of the Communist Party (PCC).

“They have not been able to eliminate them, especially in the area of the Guard Corps. They have already changed the wooden seats for aluminum seats, and likewise they reappear. The truth is that there are no insecticides to spray, and the spraying is not done with everything it carries. So bedbugs are here to stay,” he laments.

Recently, Public Health officials said that they keep “close surveillance” on the plague of bed bugs in Santiago de Cuba, they admitted that the shortage of insecticides makes it difficult to extinct them and attributed their existence to the increase in trips abroad and the importation of contaminated packages. .

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