Americans come to the defense of Cuban communists at the WBC game in Miami

When an official of Cuba’s communist dictatorship came out of his skybox at Miami’s loanDepot Park and appeared to taunt Cuban American fans during the World Baseball Classic, he got greeted by beer and trash being thrown at him along with a plethora of expletive-laden insults. Compared to the treatment received by Cuban dissidents at the hands of State Security, which include beatings, torture, and even being tarred, the incident was relatively minor. But that didn’t stop some Americans from jumping to the defense of a Cuban communist thug.

Miami sports journalist and Cuban American Armando Salguero reports in Outkick:

WBC Cuban Beer-Throwing Backlash Shows How Americans Are Embracing Communists

The country is upside down now, with evil being portrayed as good and good being labeled as evil.

That’s why it’s not surprising a tweet showing Miami Cuban exiles confronting communist Cuban government baseball team handlers during a game against the USA has gone viral.

The video shows the exiles throwing beer and verbally accosting the communist officials at Miami’s loanDepot Park.

Ugly? Maybe.

A show of decorum? Definitely not.

But I know what the exiles feel. I understand what they did.

I also understand maybe you’re upset by the manner the Cuban exile community treated these foreign agents. You think the communist representatives deserve respect and should be shielded from the dousing and verbal attacks they just endured.

Defending Communists Puts You On Their Side

You, in other words, want to show esteem for someone who hates the United States and all it stands for. You want to show civility to someone hostile to your very way of life.

That’s your business, misguided though it is. And not the point.

The point is this confrontation, pitting free Cubans versus communist Cubans, drew a reaction on social media that was troubling.

On social media, and in parts of America where these people live, the exiles are portrayed as the bad guys. And the defense of the communist agents was quite vocal.

Check it out.

And this …

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1 thought on “Americans come to the defense of Cuban communists at the WBC game in Miami”

  1. These comments were made by NON Cubans and probably Communists or Progressives as they are called now.
    The funny thing is that the private security was the one telling the Cubanos they could not carry signs and not wear the tshirts, the Police Dept either Miami of Metro Dade did not get involved as most of them were Hispanics ….The Cuban delegation expected this reaction so they could spin it in their favor… The only people arrested were 3 that ran in the field… The tv cameras also did not show all the signs in the stadium or moved away when the signs were behind home plate….
    I do not blame the Marlins as they leased the stadium to MLB and the Organization that regulates the WBC and Amateur baseball…
    MLB did not allow a team of Cubans that are here in USA and play in MLB Teams to create a team to compete and they would allow Cubans from Cuba to compete look up ACPBP ( Association Cuban Professional Baseball Players).
    Moncada, Roberts and the other Cubans that play here in MLB and played for Cuba are also TRAITORS because they never have said anything about the Political Prisoners and Las Madres en Blanco but they did
    support the Communist Cuban team….

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