While milk is unavailable to Cubans, the Castro dictatorship produces gourmet cheeses for foreigners

Enslaved Cubans in Bayamo produce gourmet cheeses for foreigners  

From our Bureau of Socialist Priorities with some assistance from our Bureau of Very Stinky Cheeses

Castro, Inc. is gung-ho on the production of blue cheese. Never mind the fact that milk is a rare commodity for 99 percent of Cubans on the island, including the young children who need it most.

Once again, Castro, Inc. proves that keeping Castro, Inc. in power is the top priority of Castro, Inc. To hell with Cubans, sustaining income streams from abroad is all that matters.

Besides, if the Ministry of Truth complains that the U.S. “Blockade” is making some essential food item is scarce — especially one that children desperately need — foreigners will donate tons of that food free of charge, as happened last week when France donated tons of powdered milk.

Aaaah, the many wonders of Latrine American socialist utopias!

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Business Group of the Food Industry presented at the International Agri-Food Fair (Fiagrop 2023) organized by the Government a project for foreign investment that would increase the production of blue cheese, which would be destined for export, hotels and tourism .

The Portfolio of Opportunities of Havana in this international event, which includes 39 projects for foreign investment, the export of products and international cooperation, ensures that the Island has the potential to increase the production of this variety of cheese from materials local cousins.

The Cuban authorities have been stimulating the production of blue cheese in dairy companies in the country. In 2019, the Pinar del Río Dairy and Confectionery Products Company announced the assembly of a line for the production of this variety, which according to the official newspaper Juventud Rebelde, would be “destined for import substitution”, given that its price in the market then oscillated around 23,000 pesos per ton.

The company La Hacienda, from Bayamo, Granma, also manufactures this cheese, which it has exported since 2001 and sends to stores in dollars.

These productions are not accessible to ordinary Cubans, despite the fact that the Government blames the US embargo for the lack of milk for the island’s children.

Last week it emerged that some 67,500 children from the eastern provinces of Cuba will be able to eat better thanks to a donation of 500,000 euros of powdered milk delivered by the French Embassy on the island, through the World Food Program (WFP).

whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. To the regime, there is NOTHING wrong with this picture. The “revolution” need$ income to fund its repressive apparatus, which is top priority since its survival depends on it. Ordinary Cubans do NOT matter.

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