Reports from Cuba: ‘No to the PCC,’ a new anti-regime protest sign appears in Havana

Juan Diego Rodriguez reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

‘No to the PCC,’ a New Protest Sign Against the Cuban Regime Appears in Havana

The protest sign against the Cuban Communist Party on a wall in Aguirre Park, in the Havana district of Revolution Square.

A new protest sign against the dictatorship caused surprise among Havana residents on Thursday. This time it had the words “No to the PCC” (Cuban Communist Party), written in giant capitals on the wall at the back of Aguirre Park, in the Revolution Square district.

The action took place in the early hours, judging by videos posted on social media by an organisation calling itself The New Governing Body, which alludes to the University Student Governing Body (DEU) which confronted Gerardo Machado in the Cuban republic of the 1930’s.

During the morning, 14ymedio confirmed that the protest sign was still there, as there was no means of instantly cleaning it off, like there had been on previous occasions. What was present though was an enormous State Security operation, with dozens of Interior Ministry motorcycles visible or concealed between the bushes.

“They must be on the lookout for anyone taking pictures”, said a local woman through clenched teeth, as she passed by, surprised. “Don’t get your phone out, not even to make a call, because they’re everywhere”.

A new protest sign against the dictatorship caused surprise among Havana residents on Thursday.

On 14 March, in broad daylight, the slogan “Down with the dictatorship, murdering Castros” was written in sand in the middle of Calle Crespo / Trocadero, in central Havana. On that occasion it was removed very quickly, as reported by this newspaper.

This kind of action, unprecedented in the history of the dictatorship, became frequent after the mass protests of 11 July 2021. In February 2022 an enormous sign appeared in Calle Gervasio / Enrique Barnet (Estrella) — also in central Havana — which read “Patria y vida” (Homeland and Life). That one also appeared during nighttime hours and was removed in the midst of a massive police presence.

A few weeks earlier, another sign of considerable size, on a wall on Calle General Serrano / Via Blanca (Santos Suárez), mobilised a whole mob of police, military and agents on Suzuki motorbikes and in a forensics vehicle. It read: “Down with motherfucker Canel”.

Translated by Ricardo Recluso